Legoland New York, Ninjago Room (Travel Edition)

Our latest trip, with the kiddos this time, was to Legoland New York and we stayed at the Legoland Resort.  Here are our must-knows before you decide to book a trip to Legoland. I would say Legoland Park is geared more so towards ages 5-10 but there are plenty of rides that the entire family can experience together. The park isn’t very large so you can get everything done in one day and a half, or two if it is a very crowded day or you have really young kids that need a break. Legoland Park is cashless so you need to bring your card, and if the weather isn’t great, don’t fret, they give a rainy-day pass if the rides are closed for 2 consecutive hours so you can use your ticket for another day.

What age is Legoland geared for?

While the park has rides for all ages and parents can ride on almost every ride, the park is really geared toward 5–10-year-olds. Our boys being 7 and 10 were able to really enjoy all the rides and participate in all the creative building workshops but the 10 year old did find some of the rides a little too “babyish”, as he calls them. There are plenty of themed playground areas throughout the park so that if the kids get tired of waiting in line or mom and dad just want to take a sitting break, they can play.  The Ninjago cube playground was the kids’ favorite. You will see a clip of it in our video above.

legolang image of kid inside lego car. Build and tes area

How many days do you need to visit Legoland Park?

We took our trip in the middle of the summer in July and our first day at the park was a Sunday. I have to say we got almost the entire park done on the first day and we were extremely lucky. There was a risk of thunderstorms that day and because there was a risk that the park would close early, I asked about their rainy-day policy. They said that if the rides are closed for more than 2 hours straight, we would get a rainy-day pass and could come back to the park another day. We took a chance, and because the park was almost empty we were able to get on all the rides, some of them multiple times, on that first day. There was no rain that day even though the weather report showed there would be. We didn’t do the waterpark that day because we wanted to wait for a sunny day to do it, but when we returned the next day, after the first 3 hours the kids had already repeated the rides they wanted to go on, watched the 4D movies twice and  watched the Ninja show (which was neat and probably the best show they had at the park.)

Because we got lucky and had no wait lines, we got through the park quickly but if you want to take it slow and give the kids plenty of time to play in all the playground areas, I recommend a full 2 days.

We were at the park for 3 days and on the 2 sunny days we still saw no long lines, nothing was longer than 10 minutes.

Ninjago theme ride

Can you use your Legoland ticket for another day?

Even though our Legoland tickets had our arrival date on them, I confirmed that we did not have to use them on that exact date. If you have a two-day or three-day ticket, they scan it each day and each day counts as one use. The date isn’t what matters.

Does Legoland use Cash?

This is a big NO! Legoland is cashless. They even have machines in a few places inside the park to convert cash to a prepaid card. For some kids that want to save up their pocket money and use it at the park, they will either need to convert their money to a prepaid card or have the parents buy the item for them. There are some carnival style games inside the park that also do not accept cash, it is card only.

Legoland Checklist, 6 Must Have Items


All the food items at the park are incredibly expensive, so if you can, I recommend you pack MANY MANY snacks in your book bag. If you can pack lunch, even better! The food at the park is not the best tasting either (Read more below) so you might be happier with a home packed snack or sandwich.

Backpack (no metal)

You do have to go through a meal detector before entering the park so make your entry faster by limiting any metallic objects that could set off the metal detector.


This park is mostly outdoors and most of the rides are outdoors so you need sun protection if you are going in summer months.


There are refill stations throughout the park so bring your own water bottle

Minifigures for Trading

One of the big things at Legoland is minifigure trading. Bring any Lego minifigures you want to trade with you so that as you walk around the park, if you see an employee with a minifigure on their badge, or a minifigure trading cart, you can trade your minifigure for another. They also have minifigures for you to purchase throughout the park. Check those carts multiple times a day, you never know what new figure you are going to find!


If you plan on doing the Water playground, you do need to bring full swim gear. You will get soaked! A Waterproof case for parents who don’t want to get their phone ruined is also a smart idea.

What Kind of Food Does Legoland Park Have?

Brickolini's Restaurant

Like I mentioned above, Legoland has very expensive food so I highly recommend bringing snacks if you can. But if you have to eat at the park, the best Priced Family Deal is at Brickolini’s Restaurant where you get a family meal of 1 large pizza, 1 pasta, 1 salad and 4 fountain drinks for a little over $70. This was actually the tastiest meal we had at the park.

We also tried the Brick B Que restaurant where they served pork sandwiches and other BBQ items. The food was ok, but not the best.

Granny's Apple Fries

If you’ve done any research on Legoland, you probably have heard about Granny’s Apple Fries. We watched so many YouTube videos that mentioned it, and everyone at the park talked about it so we had to try. It was OK but nothing to write home about. I was hopping the apples would have had some flavored batter on them to make it taste a little more like apple pie, they didn’t. There was nothing on the batter, they were just fried. They served them with a dollop of whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Soft Serve Ice Cream

They also have heavily food colored ice creams. A vanilla Ice cream that is bright yellow and an apple ice cream that is bright green. Let’s just say we confirmed with other Legoland Guests that the color of their bowls the next day was bright and colorful.

Legoland Resort New York Reviews

We wanted the full Lego experience for this trip so we stayed at the Legoland resort. The kids love Ninjago so obviously we had to stay in the Ninjago themed rooms. You can see all the beautifully thought out details in the room in our video above. It was pretty cool and even as an adult I loved the room theme. But also as an adult there were things that I didn’t like. Let’s start with the fact that Legoland Resort doesn’t have housekeeping to make your bed, clean the room and give you fresh towels. When you pay that much money for a resort like this, this is very disappointing.

In the bathroom they have a sign asking for you to hang up your towels to help conserve water, and I am all up for that so I hung up my towels, the problem was the next day, housekeeping came, took all the towels in the room, did not replace them, and all they did was add 2 juice packs and 2 water bottles to the mini bar.

There is no concierge desk, when you go to the lobby sometimes there are no employees anywhere. They give you a number to text in your room and anything you want you have to text them. So we texted for more towels and they brought them over. We had to ask for towels every day because every day they took the ones we hung up and didn’t bring new ones. And let me say again they NEVER made the bed or cleaned the bathroom.

Legoland Resort New York Food

The food at the resort is just as bad if not worse than the theme park. And the price is even more outrageous. The food tastes like cafeteria food. They really should hire a chef to come up with some tasty dishes if they are going to charge as much as they do.

The only restaurant at the hotel is Bricks, which you need a reservation for. If you can’t get a reservation, no worries, they serve the EXACT SAME FOOD at the bar, Skyline, next to the kid’s play castle. I actually enjoyed eating at the bar better because the kids could play until the food came, and it allowed Dan and I a little breather after a long day.

Breakfast is always and only served at Bricks Restaurant so you do need to make reservations. I made our reservations about 2 months in advance to guarantee a spot. The only problem is I thought the park would open early so I scheduled our reservations for 7:30 am. The Legoland Park opens at 10 am, so we had plenty of time to kill. But make those reservations early, especially the dinner reservations.

Breakfast is served family style with a large platter of sausage, eggs, toast, bacon and either french toast or pancakes. It’s all you can eat so this is a great time to get your money’s worth!

giant lego minifigure dressed as chef at Bricks Restaurant

Legoland Resort New York Pool

One of the main reasons why we wanted to go to Legoland in July was so that we could use the pool. We planned the trip so that the day we arrived, and the day we left were designated pool days.

The pool has lounge chairs and cabanas (which you need to rent in advance). There are 4 lifeguards so I felt pretty safe letting the kids play around in the pool. In the afternoon we noticed the pool was getting pretty packed. A lot of people leave the park early to enjoy the pool. Multiple times the lifeguards had to ask everyone to exit to then recount them back in because the pool was at full capacity (89 people).

The hotel does have towels for the pool so you don’t need to bring your own.

swimming pool at legoland resort NY

What is there to do at Legoland Resort New York?

For the kiddos, they are fully immersed in a Lego world with Lego play areas, a Lego building class, kid nightly entertainment, Lego movies in the rooms, Legos to play with in the room. If you can’t get them tired at this hotel then you may need to cut back on your kid’s sugar intake! Our youngest wanted to rate Legoland 1 million out of 100!

Now let’s talk about the adults. You can let the kids play and run wild at the resort. Literally! The kids can scream and all the kids will join in with them and the hotel staff won’t say a thing! But for the parents, other than watching your kid run wild and maybe having a few drinks at the bar, there is nothing else to do. We saw a lot of parents just letting their kids stay up really late and run wild because the parents weren’t ready to go to bed yet. There are no restaurants or places around the hotel for you to go to. You are trapped in Legoland Resort. We luckily brought ear plugs with us and had to use them every night because in the late hours of the night you will sometimes hear a few kids screaming outside on their way back to their rooms. The music is also really loud, and especially around the pool area, on the first night they kept the music on until close to 11 pm.

Final Thoughts

The kids loved their Legoland trip, and as a parent, that’s really one could hope for; however, we had an incident that happened on the last day of our trip that tarnished our good memories. Our son forgot my Ipad on the top of his bunk bed and when we got home we realized we forgot it there because my email had a prompt to reenter my password which had been reset.

After contacting Apple I found out that my Ipad had actually been stolen and my account had been re-registered to a Liliana Salgado. I called the police, tried to get Legoland to help and they were not eager to help me, saying I had no proof that one of their employees stole the Ipad. She stole my identity, locked me out of my email accounts, changed passwords on a bank account and wreaked havoc with quite a few personal items. Two days later the police caught the thief, she was a Lego employee working in housekeeping. She surrendered the Ipad but did not give up any of the passwords to my accounts that she stole. I called Legoland for help and they refused to get involved.

For obvious reasons I will not be returning to Legoland Resort. But if you do plan a trip, don’t leave your personal items in the room, they have a safe where you can lock up your valuables. Let my mistake be your lesson!

Happy Vacationing!

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