How to remove hard water stains from a shower door

Hard water stains on shower doors can make a bathroom look unsightly but you can easily clean them with distilled vinegar and a soft microfiber cloth.

The white streaks on your shower door and the pink deposits that sit at the corners of your shower are all due to the type of water you have, not necessarily with how clean you are and with the cleaning products used in your shower. Unless you spend loads of money on a full home water filtering system, you will forever be dealing with the water quality in your town.

hard water staining on shower door

How to clean your shower door?

Distilled vinegar is your best friend when it comes to removing hard water stains. Simply put some vinegar in a spray bottle, douse your shower door with it and let it sit for 10 minutes. Because the shower door is vertical, you may miss some spots with the vinegar dripping down so you may want to repeat this step a few times and use a microfiber cloth to scrub in between. This is the fastest way to remove hard water stains in your shower door.

I use vinegar not only on my shower door but also to remove the white stains inside my tea kettle, the white stains around my matte black fixtures, and even my stainless steel refrigerator. I sometimes have water collect on the drip tray of my refrigerator and the vinegar makes the drip tray spotless in 10 minutes.

But how do you make your shower door easier to clean?

Maintenance is key when it comes to keeping a shower door clean in the long run. I like to use Rain X 2-1 Cleaner and recommend this to all of our customers when they have us renovate their bathroom. You simply spray over your glass and use a microfiber cloth to spread the product all over the glass. Then use a second microfiber cloth to dry off the excess residue.

Rain X 2-1 Cleaner will help to repel the water and prevent it from streaking when it hits the glass. The best way to keep the door clean and have less cleaning to do overall is to use a squeegee after every shower and a microfiber cloth to remove the majority of the water from the glass. When you use the squeegee and the microfiber cloth, you are not only removing the excess water but also any soap suds or dead skin cells that may have gotten on the shower door. That makes sure the glass stays clear. (I must say that my absolute favorite Squeegee is this Squeegee from Amazon. It makes a huge difference, and I’ve tried many different ones. This one cleans everything right off very smoothly, and a bonus, it comes with a little hook for hanging it on your shower wall.)

squeegee on glass door

If you repeat this Rain X application every 2 weeks and religiously clean your shower door with a squeegee and microfiber cloth after every shower, I can guarantee your shower door will continue to look brand new for ever!

Please be aware that this application holds true for clear glass shower doors, If you have frosted glass or obscure glass you will not have similar results. Frosted glass has grooves where water deposits can easily sit in and make it harder to clean. Vinegar will help to clean this type of door but a squeegee will be pretty useless.

Obscure glass may have coatings that are not compatible with vinegar so please check with the door manufacturer before putting vinegar on an obscure piece of glass.

Happy Cleaning!

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