How to build a diy lego table – part 1

Whether your kids are seriously into Legos or you are, a table to build on is practically a necessity.  So, you may have asked yourself, “Where can I buy a Lego table”?  Instead of asking where to buy a Lego table, you should highly consider building one for yourself!  This can be a very fun and exciting D.I.Y. project that you can do yourself or with the entire family!  Let’s go through the steps to making this Lego table yourself.

Step 1:  Tools Needed

Circular saw Milwaukee Cordless Circular Saw

Miter saw Makita 10 inch Compound Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser

Jig saw Milwaukee Jig Saw

Electric drill Milwaukee Cordless Drill

Impact drill Milwaukee Cordless Impact Drill

Electric Planer Milwaukee Cordless Planer

Drill bits

Framing square or speed square

Extension Cord


Pencil sharpener

Step 2:  Plan Design

When building a Lego table, you could have many different sizes and designs.  When designing, take into account that space you have in the room it will be in.  Also, take into account how to get it in that room and how big the people (or kids) will be when using it.  For our table, we have decided to make the table 60” long, 45” wide and 24” tall with the table top at 22.5”.  That means there will be a lip raised above the table top of about 1.5”.  This will help keep the Legos on the table.

Step 3:  Materials Needed

2 x 4’s

¾” Cabinet grade plywood

2 ½” Screws

Construction adhesive

Step 4:  Begin Framing the Structure

  1. The structure will be comprised of 2 x 4’s.  We will use the 2 x 4’s to create the table top (prior to be covered with plywood) and the 4 legs to support.  We’ll start with the length of the table top.  Since that will be 60”, we need to cut (2) 2 x 4’s to the correct length by subtracting for the ¾” plywood on each side.  So that will be 58.5”.
  2. After you have the length cut, you need to cut (2) 2 x 4’s for the width.  Since a 2 x 4 is 1.5” thick, you will have to subtract 3” from the total 45” width since you already have those 58.5” 2 x 4’s on the outside of the width.  Also, since we are putting a sheet of ¾” plywood on each side, we will have to subtract 1.5” as well (2 sheets of plywood).  That means we need to cut (2) 2 x 4’s at 40.5”.
  3. Now we are going to put these together by lining up the corners and using a drill to pre-drill out screw holes (3 in each corner) and then using our impact drill to drive in 2.5” screws.  It’s very important that we pre-drill our holes because if you don’t, you run the risk of the wood splitting and weakening.
  4. Once we have this secured together, it should essentially look like a square made form 2 x 4’s.  now, we can add support in the middle.  Just cut (2) more 40.5” pieces and secure them in the same fashion in equal spacing in the middle of the square.
  5. Lastly, we have to cut and secure the legs of the table.  So, if we are going for a table top that sits at 22.5” (with plywood on top), then simply subtract the ¾” of plywood from that measurement and you will have the height of your legs at 21.75”.  Once those (4) legs are cut, place them in the corners and secure each of them from (2) sides with 2-3 screws.

Now you have the structure that supports your new Lego table built!  Congratulations.  If you see any unevenness, you could always plane down certain sections with an electric planer (INSERT LINK) or you could use shims there before putting on the plywood.

Stayed tuned for the Part 2 in building your new Lego table.

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