DIY SUNROOM Part 4 (Finishing the walls, Beam and Rafters)

Escape your rapidly-paced world, seek comfort and serenity in your own home. Envision a sanctuary where you can relax, embraced by the soft glow of sunlight and the splendor of nature. This is the charm of crafting your own sunroom – a retreat fashioned according to your preferences. Building a DIY sunroom is a captivating and fulfilling venture, and with the right materials and guidance, you’ll discover that creating your sunroom is a rewarding and achievable task.

installing the walls properly is crucial to ensure your  roof goes on properly.

This is Step 4 of our 5 part series: DIY Tutorial on how to finish installing your sunroom walls, installing the post and beam, and install the roof rafters so that you can set your glass roof. We teach you all the tips and tricks to ensure you properly install your sunroom walls and have a good foundation for laying a glass roof. This is very important in order to prevent and learn how to fix sunroom leaks.

Sunroom leaks are one of the most common issues sunroom owners have throughout the lifetime of their room. If you know how to properly install it, you will know how to fix your own leaks. Starting in this video and finishing in Part 5, you will be able to repair your glass roof sunroom leaks.

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If you are a sunroom owner and are facing issues with your existing sunroom that need fixing, but the thought of hiring a professional seems daunting, fret not. You can also watch this video to learn how to repair some common problems with sunrooms such as leaks and minor repairs. The most common problem we see is leaking inside sunrooms and you will be surprised to find out that not all is fixed with just silicone.

Watch on to learn more!

Happy Remodeling!

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