Cleaning Coffee And Tea Stains From Cups And Teeth Using Salt

How do I get rid of the nasty coffee and tea stains from my cups, mugs and dishes?

Why do they come out of the dishwasher still looking dirty?

If you’re tired of those stubborn coffee and tea stains on your favorite cups, fret not! A simple yet effective DIY solution lies in your kitchen pantry – salt!

Start by sprinkling a generous amount of salt onto the stained areas of the cup. Next, take a damp sponge or cloth and vigorously scrub the surface in circular motions. The abrasive texture of salt acts as a gentle exfoliator, lifting off the stains without causing any damage to the cup. Rinse the cup thoroughly with water, and you’ll be amazed at the results! Say hello to spotless, gleaming cups ready to hold your next delightful brew. Embrace the power of salt and reclaim the pristine beauty of your treasured drinkware! ☕🍵✨

Now don’t stop there!! How about stubborn stains on your teeth? I’ve been using this trick for years and my dentist is still amazed at how clean and white my teeth are, despite my heavy tea drinking habit. The salt removes the stain, just like it does on porcelain. Don’t do this every day but once a month is good.

Happy Cleaning!

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