About Us

We are Dan and Sara, we have a passion for teaching home remodeling projects and an endless love for travel. In our hometown we have transformed many homes into a stunning showcase of design and functionality. Now, we are on a mission to share our knowledge and inspire others to turn their own houses into personalized havens. We believe that everyone should have the basic knowledge to do certain projects around the home, without needing a handyman. If you are adventurous and not afraid to get a little dirty, we will teach you how to become your own handyman and contractor.

Remodeling projects for kitchens, sunrooms and bathrooms

Why are we qualified to teach you? Dan has 20+ years as a successful contractor and business owner in Delaware. He remodels bathrooms, kitchens and builds sunrooms for a living. Sara designs the remodeling projects and helps customers with their product selection. Our love for travel adds a unique dimension to our passion for home remodeling. We firmly believe that experiencing different cultures, architectural styles, and design concepts from around the world is essential to fuel our creativity. From exploring ancient castles in Europe to studying traditional homes in Asia, we absorb inspiration from every corner of the globe, incorporating these diverse influences into our remodeling projects.

Travel photos of Dan and Sara

Despite all the remodeling projects we work on, our true passion lies in teaching others. We firmly believe that anyone can learn the art of home remodeling with the right guidance, patience, and a sprinkle of inspiration. Through our posts, online tutorials, and engaging social media presence, we hope to empower aspiring DIY enthusiasts and homeowners to take charge of their spaces. From basic repairs to ambitious renovation projects, we eagerly share our knowledge and guide you step-by-step to achieve remarkable results. These projects are made to be done as a couple, (or as an individual). We want to encourage couples to learn together and build the home of your dreams, something that will become a part of your life story.

Our enthusiasm and down-to-earth approach will hopefully make our teaching style enjoyable and accessible to everyone, regardless of your prior experience. We understand that each person’s home is a unique reflection of their personality, and we strive to foster creativity and self-expression in all our followers.

So whether you are a homeowner seeking to refresh your living space or an adventurer yearning to explore the world of DIY remodeling, We are here to inspire and guide you. Join us on our remarkable journey of creativity, learning, and travel as we help you unlock the potential of your home and make your dreams a reality.

If you want to learn a specific skill, send us your suggestions!